stone installation

Applying stone to your chimney or your home is a great way to beautify it, and increase its curb appeal. there's a wide range of culture stones or manufactured stones available on the market today. In addition to this natural stone veneers can be purchased.

manufactured stone or cultured stone is a man-made product the benefits of manufactured stone are the ease in which it can be found, it is lightweight, and it is a much lower costing alternative to natural stone.

natural stone veneers are actual piece of stone that has been cut to a similar dimension as cultured stone. natural stone is typically much more durable but also costs more and weighs considerably more.

Both natural stone veneer and cultured stone are applied in very similar methods.  invoice true or vapor barrier is applied then expanded metal is secured on top the moisture barrier using either tap cons or galvanized roofing nails.

after the expanded metal or metal last is firmly applied scratch coat of mortar is then put on top of it. scratch coat is exactly what it sounds like, a coat of mortar which is then scratched to allow better adhesion between the stone and wall.

after applying the scratch coat you are ready to install your stone veneer typically a cultured on manufactured stone should be late from the top down this allows any mortar or mess that come s from laying the stone to fall harmlessly to the ground instead of on top of fresh worked its just been laid.  As a general rule you should not acid wash or powerwash aggressively cultured or  manufactured stone.

Stone is set by applying mortar to the back of the stone or buttering the stone. Once you've applied the mortar to the back of the stone it is pressed into place firmly and held until at bonds to the wall.