New Construction

Find a skilled brick masonry expert to help you with and new construction project. Every Brick block and stone contraction project is different. Every mason has different strengths it is critical when planing you next construction project to hire a company that is  specialized to suit you brick masonry or stone construction project. After years in the industry we have developed a network of brick masonry contractor we can refer you to. 

 When looking for someone to do your brick masonry project buyer beware there are so many fly by night companies out there. Don’t be fooled by a slick talking sales man. Have you been told you need to you needed chimney repair, If you have not inspected your chimney personally, don’t take the word of some guy of the street that hands you a business card or flyer. Your local handyman is not the person to use when bricking your home.Block and brick wall construction in masonry field takes years to learn. A commercial bricklayer may go a lifetime and never build a fireplace. Use a professional masonry contractor with specialized knowledge and skill for  masonry construction projects . Using the tips below will help you find a good masonry contractor for any chimney repair or masonry restoration project.

1. Use insured contactors

2. Use a reputable company
3. Ask for references
4. Look at their previous work or photos of it
5. If your job involves demolition, use a company specialized in it
6. Get something in writing

A lot of very good masonry contractors and chimney sweeping companies are in business. Don’t let a con man or handy man taking on more than he can handle ruin your brick repair experience

Looking for a Chimney sweep in Michigan? call (248) 895-7752  Specialized in masonry restoration and chimney repair. Our bricklayers can help you with any masonry project. Our services include tuckpointing, brick, chimney repair block, stone replacement, new construction, chimney replacement, chimney repair, porch repair,